St. Louis Park, MN


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"It was my first time at Brush studio and I am already obsessed! I love that they are actually teaching you techniques about depth, color, certain ways to hold your hand etc. I loved seeing the original painting then walking around and seeing everyone else's interpretations, it was really cool! I will definitely be back for the holidays and hopefully be celebrating my 21st birthday there."

- Tiara G.

"I had such a great time at Brush Studio. I've done paint nites at other locations and the artists and atmosphere just didn't meet what the Brush Studio has! I definitely recommend taking a class or two here!"

- Mattie L.
St. Louis Park

"This was a great atmosphere. The instructor was helpful and perfectly constructive if I asked. Very relaxing and fun! I highly recommend."

- Arlee A.
Maple Grove

"We had a blast experiencing Brush Studio, and becoming Artists for 2 hours during daughter's Bachelorette Party. It is fun, relaxing and a great value!"

- Lanae P.

"Love this place! Everyone there is great and I always have a blast! Can't wait to do it again!"

- Jeanette P.

"Great night out that was very affordable for the experience you get. So professional, well run, and the staff was warm and wonderful. We had Emily as our painting instructor, and she was amazing. Thank you for the great experience!!!!"

- Nadine B.

"I had such a wonderful time painting yesterday. The studio is spacious, clean, and bright. The instructor was wonderful and so patient. I would recommend Brush Studios to everyone of my friends. I will be back to paint more!"

- Jess M.

"I went with my mother for her her birthday. Wonderful and accommodating staff. The instructor went at a comfortable pace for beginners. We laughed and had the best time. We will invite more family and friends next time."

- Molli D.

"I had a super fun evening. It was reasonably priced, clean and well organized. The instructions were easy to follow and everyone walked away with a great painting. Great place to go with friends & family. I'm going back!"

- Michelle J.

"I was thrilled when I found out about this place! I wanted to learn some brush strokes and I got a terrific learning experience. I left with my artwork and a sense of accomplishment. I was impressed with the teaching, the organization, the environment and the encouraging team at Brush Studio.

- Claudia F

"This place is just the greatest! I've been twice and feel like it's even more fun the second time. I will definitely recommend this to friends and come back!

- Alicia N
Eden Prairie, MN

"This was a blast and the staff was great! Highly recommend everyone try it smile emoticon"

- Brianna F - Minnesota

"Our group loved everything about Brush Studio, especially the men! The staff were lots of fun and very accommodating. The beverages were deeelicious! We will be back!"

- Sheila H.

"My friends and I celebrated my birthday here yesterday. It was the best time ever!! The staff is great and very friendly. The instructor was awesome and very helpful. I will be going again soon. Awesome Time!!!"

- April B.
Minnetonka, MN

"Absolutely love love this place!! So much fun - something that absolutely everyone must try at least once in their life."

- Amy H.
Minnetonka, MN

"Super fun & friendly staff! I don't think I'm much of an artist, but everything was explained well & I think my picture came out really great! The wine was great too! I definitely want to come back! Thanks!"

- Jenn P.

"Guaranteed great time! I took my girlfriend on a date for her birthday and we absolutely loved the experience. The instructor/workers were super friendly and there was a great energy in the room, we will definitely be back!"

- Julian C.
Palo Alto, CA

"Loved it. Very different in fun. Reasonable prices."

- Touche H.

"I have never done this before and it was great. Went with a group from work and will definitely go back!"

- Lin B.

"Fun for all ages! Great for a lazy Sunday, birthday celebration, or just because!"

- Kelley K.

"Just went here for the first time...what a fun place!! I will be back"

- Brynne W.
Minneapolis, MN

"We had such an amazing time at this studio. The staff were all so friendly and so welcoming! I've never painted anything before and the step by step directions were awesome! The instructor didn't hesitate one bit to answer questions! Definitely will be returning!"

- Sara B.

"This place is so much fun! I don't have an artistic bone in my body and I created an awesome picture. Fun music while we painted, good beer and wine, fun atmosphere - can't wait to go again!"

- Kasey H.

"The staff was fantastic! I went with a friend of mine for a relaxing afternoon get together. We ordered a bottle of wine which came we cheese and crackers. The instructor was thorough and very helpful when we had questions. I am not a painter or artist, but it was easy to follow along. All of the staff made sure we were accommodated and I really appreciated the experience. I would definitely recommend this for couples, friends, group session, corporate team building or to go by yourself for a fun and relaxing day."

- Whitney S.

"The staff here are wonderful. Did my 2nd painting here tonight and I was reminded how much fun this even tho I have zero artistic abilities.

- Trisha S.
Richfield, MN

"Your studio provides a wonderful place for people to bond together and have fun while they paint and listen to the fantastic music.
My sincerest thanks go out to you and your staff for making us feel so welcome and alive with joy that day.

- Alison K

"t's a great place to express your buried artistic talents and to let loose after a long, not very artistic, week. The people who run it are talented, patient, and kind. And for those of us who have very little if any painting talent, it's a great place to pretend!"

- Terry K
Deephaven, MN

"Awesome! The environment is pretty and cozy. The teacher and staff are all friendly and helpful. We really have a good time there and definitely will go again."

- Yin-Ting C
Taipei, Taiwan

"We had an awesome time! We were lucky enough to be there for the Prince tribute. It seemed so hard but Maria walked us thru every step. I'll definitely be back!"

- Niecy T

"I was nervous about taking this class because, as someone with little artistic talent, I didn't know how it was going to turn out. But we got detailed instructions telling us exactly what we needed to do, and that took the stress away and let me really enjoy painting and having fun with the ladies I came with - definitely looking forward to going again!"

- Kerri M.

"This was my first experience with a painting class...and I loved it! Maria was a great instructor & we all created a fun & unique finished product. Definitely want to go again!!!"

- Eileen B.
Minneapolis, MN

"I've been wanting to do this type of thing for a while and decided to finally take the plunge. I went by myself actually for a night away from the baby for some alone time. It was fantastic!!!!! Therapeutic actually. I had no prior painting experience and was proud of what I brought home. The staff was exceptional and I will definitely be back."

- Tess L.
Golden Valley, MN

"I've never painted anything! Emily made it easier, and helped when needed. Great activity!"

- Lynette G
Bloomington, MN

"This place is amazing I had a great time with a good friend of mine and she had a great time too if anyone's looking for something that is fun and that is new this is the place to be"

- William D.

"We couldn't have had a better time. The studio was beautiful. The instructor was kind and funny. The bar was wonderfully stocked. The music was fabulous. Our painting went smoothly. They even held out wet paintings so we could go next door for dinner. 100% the best way to spend an evening with friends."

- Erin E

"Had the best time painting last night! Group of ladies from work went together and had a blast! The painting turned out fabulous and the instructor and staff were wonderful! Will be back in November!!"

- Roxanne A.
Fridley, MN

"Fun evening. Great teacher. Great atmosphere. Can't wait to come back and do another painting. Proud of how good my painting turned out as I do not feel I am very good at it."

- Jan D.
Wayzata, MN

"I've been here twice, once for my roommate's birthday party and this weekend for a girls night out with co-workers. The paintings are on a spectrum from easy to difficult, so you can gauge your abilities and plan accordingly. The instructors are artists or art teachers and do a great job breaking down your painting. In between they play some music and you can grab some wine, beer or other beverages. It's a fun night and you get a pretty neat painting out of the deal so long as your art skills are above that of a toddler."

- Sarah S.

"What a fantastically fun time! Erin is a patient, remarkable teacher and the groups are laid back and fun. You can sing and dance as you go along with the instructor, painting a really unique piece. Definitely recommend if you're looking for something to do."

- Holly N.
Osseo, MN

"I have been to 3 other studios. This was, by far, the best. appreciated clean environment, getting fresh paint (instead of pre-prepared and somewhat dry) -and skill and friendliness of staff!"

- Beverly Y

"We had a blast!"

- Katrina B.

"The instructor, Lisa, was very helpful. She broke up the process on easy followed steps. Great customer service, good choice of music! Brush Studio is now definitely one of my favorite places."

- Tatyana M.

"I really didn't think I could paint, this place/experience was so amazing and rewarding, thank you!"

- Angel D

"It was so fun and they did à fantastic job!! The guys liked it too."

- Joan R

"We had a great "girls night" at Brush Studio! Great atmosphere, fun music & lots of laughter! Thank you for a fun night!"

- Denise M
Bloomington, MN

"Amazing place highly recommend it! The studio is awesome!"

- Jennifer L

"What a fun night for our company outing! Our entire staff had such a great time and even those less artistic enjoyed themselves! Thank you Brush Studio! Will definitely be back!"

- Kari K
Northwestern Lumber Association 

"A great outing with my girlfriend and our daughters!!! Highly recommend!"

- Teena D
Minneapolis, MN

"Thank you for a great night. Brush studio was the perfect place for our staff holiday party!! You need no artistic talent to love this adventure. It is just a great time all around!"

- Victoria M

"Very fun girls afternoon. Friendly staff and wonderful welcoming environment. I will definitely come back!"

- Brittany V
Minneapolis, MN

"Perfect girls night out! Great painting, great food, and great wine. Thank you!"

- Lacy A

"The staff was fantastic, and we truly enjoyed the experience. Thank you!"

- Rachel G

"Very fun family activity, I'd highly recommend it."

- Amy S

"Chill environment, had lots of fun. Learned new painting techniques and gained confidence in my abilities."

- Bryan C
Minneapolis, MN

"Loved this place! Great atmosphere, super chill, and wonderfully patient instructors. Go here! "

- Holly A

"Fun evening. Great teacher. Great atmosphere. Can't wait to come back and do another painting. Proud of how good my painting turned out"

- Jan D
Wayzata, MN

"Very fun atmosphere, nice staff that is very knowledgeable, fun music, great beverage options too!"

- Ellen S.

"Fun new challenge"

- Kari

"I had a wonderful time! I enjoyed the White Zinfandel with cheese and crackers during art class, and great tunes! The teacher, Chris was excellent! I was so excited after making the reservation, and knowing I'd be painting "Santorini" that I was counting each Saturday until it arrived.
Thank you all for a fun evening!"

- Mary B

"Very friendly staff, fun atmosphere. Easy going, no pressure about our work. Instructor was great and gave plenty of time before moving on to the next step."

- Kim H

"Great instructor and an excellent learning environment."

- Tayamika M

"Very organized, fun, friendly!"

- Nancy J

"My boyfriend and I had a great time as it was our first time doing something like this. We enjoyed the atmosphere as well."

- Michaela B

"We had a blast! So much better than the typical dinner and drinks date night. Your staff was amazing, we will definitely be back!!"

- Kurt M

"When you walk into a place that you haven't been in... 6ish months, they remember me and ask me about my daughter!
Everyone is always so nice and helpful! The space is always clean, and ready to go.
The instructor that I had this time was great too! Walking around giving helpful tips, and suggestions. It's just always a great time!"

- Stacy R

"Clean bright atmosphere, friendly and pleasant staff. Bar area was appealing to the eye. Much more professional at your studio than a previous one I have been to."

- Linda A

"The entire experience was awesome. It's the perfect price for a great product. The instructor was clear in her directions and she was helpful.

In fact, the experience inspired me to go to Michael's and buy some paints and canvas just to "experiment". I've always wanted to, but was too intimidated to even try. Thanks for the boost of confidence.

I will be back to Brush Studio again."

- Lenise B

"The instructor was great at teaching/demonstrating each step of the painting, making it easy for a non artist like myself to make a decent looking painting. Our entire time was enjoyable and fun! Thank you for awesome customer service!!"

- Jacob S

"What a great time! I was quite hesitant to try it because I am truly not an artistic person, but it was so much fun thanks to you! Your patience and help were truly appreciated! I look forward to the next time."

- Barb B.

"Staff were great, including bartenders and artist directing the class."

- Aubrey D

"It is always a fun time, and your staff is so welcoming. We always feel at home and it's great when you remember that we have been there before and you welcome us back!"

- Chris B

"The energy is wonderful and the staff is very friendly and personable and happy to be there"

- Malissa J

"Such a fun experience in a great atmosphere!"

- Sharon T

"Had a great experience at Brush Studio! Highly recommend!"

- Aubrey D

"The entire experience was awesome. It's the perfect price for a great product. The instructor was VERY clear in her directions and she was helpful. Her demonstrations of the techniques were perfectly clear.

This was my 2nd visit, and I will definitely be back to Brush Studio again."

- Lenise B

"Friendly staff, good environment, and overall a great time!"

- Katy H

"Great environment, easy to follow the instructor to make a memorable piece. "

- Brittany H

"It was a very nice experience"

- Stephanie S

"Very fun time, great staff, great artist, the atmosphere was awesome!"

- Lisa M

"Had a great time and was pleasantly surprised that I could do this- will definitely be back -

- Darlene W.

"Really fun!!!! Get your creativity on!"

- Becky E

"it was a fun experience,definitely would go again..."

- Sandy S

"We had a group of 6 for a "girls weekend event" and we had a blast. Very nicely organized, friendly, helpful. We had a great time"

- Jan R

"Fun and relaxing experience and I love to paint"

- Crystal W

"Great experience! Lot's of fun and great atmosphere!"

- Lee M

"Great directions and really friendly staff! It was a fun concept and I would try it again!"

- Nicole I
Minneapolis, MN

"The instructor showed us step by step how to paint and also allowed plenty of time in between steps to finish."

- Sony K
Minneapolis, MN

"Brush Studio is in a fantastic location--very central to many parts of the Twin Cities and being in the WestEnd, you're surrounded by great places to dine before or after a class."

- Jan P
Minneapolis, MN

"The teacher was very fun and enjoyed talking to the students."

- Frankie B
Minneapolis, MN

"Great atmosphere and very friendly and helpful staff."

- Charlene H
Minneapolis, MN

"From start to finish my experience at Brush Studio was great! The staff was friendly and helpful, the environment was clean and welcoming, and the class was easy to follow and fun!"

- Samantha A
Minneapolis, MN

"It was a topnotch experience! Absolutely loved it!"

- Angela L
Minneapolis, MN

"I had an amazing time. I'm not very artistic but the class went at a great pace so I was able to keep up and still enjoy a ladies night with my friends."

- Marion C
Minneapolis, MN

"Every staff member was very engaged and helpful to us wannabe artists:)"

- Kevin P
Minneapolis, MN

"Very fun! Didn't think I could paint like that. The instructor was awesome! I plan to bring my husband and son soon! Thank you!"

- Tara W
Minneapolis, MN

"The atmosphere was light and fun. The hostess walked us through the picture with patience and simplicity, making it enjoyable for even those of us that aren't artistically inclined."

- Jessica O
Minneapolis, MN

"We had a great time. Everything went very smoothly and everyone was very nice and helpful. Great date idea."

- Joe H
Minneapolis, MN

"Friendly Fun Helpful... You made it a
Memorable experience. We are already planning our next visit. "

- Pam B
Minneapolis, MN

"Friendly, welcoming staff. Open space with great lighting. Teacher is visible from all spaces and can be easily heard."

- Kathleen M.
Minneapolis, MN

"Had a terrific time! Great staff and great instruction."

- Jessica R
St. Paul, MN

"Think it is a great, unique, fun activity! Always enjoy my time with you!"

- Jennifer C.
Minneapolis, MN

"Daaaa because I had such a kick ass time..."

- Veronica Z.

"Very friendly staff, beautiful painting and the artist was clear, patient and made it easy to follow along. I loved having something so pretty to take home!"

- Ginnie S.
Minneapolis, MN

"Greeting at the door, fun, relaxed atmosphere!"

- Sharon R.

"The class was fun, the artist was very informative and the service was awesome!"

- Kaylah K
Minneapolis, MN

"It's a great environment and atmosphere! The lessons aren't too fast or slow paced and Addie did a great job making sure we all felt comfortable with the steps before moving on."

- Erin K

"Great studio, large and well lit."

- Meghan O.

"Fun night! Friend's bachelorette party. I would say my only suggestion is that I needed the process to slow down just a bit. My artistic skills needed it. Lol Other than that, perfect time!!!"

- Heidi L

" Such a blast!"

- Beth Anne S
Minneapolis, MN

"I have never been a creative or artistic person. Last year for my birthday, I decided to do this class with my girlfriends to celebrate! It was a great time and my painting turned out so well. This year I did it again, and it was awesome! So far I have done 3 paintings and can't wait to do more. I'm starting my own art collection with all things Minnesota! Thanks to you all for making me feel like I can do this!"

- A Fan of Brush Studio
Minneapolis, MN

"I likes the laid back atmosphere. I also appreciated the artist's help and suggestions. You have a very welcoming studio! I will be back!"

- Mary R
Minneapolis, MN

"Enjoyed the experience!"

- Karla B

"We had a blast. It was easy to follow, and fun!"

- Meredith G

"It was my first time doing a painting class like this and it was a lot of fun!! I am not an artist but it was easy to follow directions and my painting turned out good enough that I will hang it on the wall. I would definitely recommend Brush Studio to all my friends."

- Kari B

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